The role of work in our society is significant. Work not only provides an individual with a means for economic independence, but is central in the development of self-concept, peer relations and one’s basic identity in society.

Sunshine Industries’ work programs are divided into three distinct areas. They are:

Employment Services: The initial step for most workers with developmental disabilities, which consists of evaluation, work adjustment and employment.

Transitional Employment: The work program designed to accelerate the worker’s movement into competitive employment. Emphasis is placed upon real work and workers receive hourly wages. The majority of jobs in transitional employment are located away from Sunshine Industries, but supervised by Sunshine Staff.

Community Employment: The final step toward independent employment. Employment Training Specialists are utilized to locate employment and, in turn, train the workers while on the job. Follow-up services are also provided to ensure a successful job placement.

All persons served in Sunshine’s work programs will have an Individual Plan developed to improve their skills in such areas as personal development and maintenance, mobility/travel, vocational, home and community life and leisure. If you are interested in the Vocational Training Program, reply to Sunshine Industries.